Open Heart Kitchen provides meals, and friendly company

The pandemic forced everyone into the confines of their home. For Kristen, Jesus and their four young children, ranging in age from 3 to 7, home is a moss green Ford Expedition SUV.

For more than a year, most of the family’s time has been spent in that van, either asleep or trekking up and down Vasco Road. At the crack of dawn, they’re off to Livermore to drop off Jesus at his job at Block by Block, then to Antioch for school drop-off. After school, Kristen heads back down the road to Livermore to run errands, run around the park and pick up Jesus before 7 p.m, Then they head to Pleasanton, where Kristen starts her overnight job at a hotel. The family did not want to use their last name.

“Home is where we make it right now. Home is where we’re at,” said Kristen, 29. “When we’re in the car, we are home. That’s what we’ve been telling them for years.”

With limited funds and no kitchen, there was never a guarantee their growing children would have food to eat.

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