How Early Alert Canines are Changing Lives: A Share the Spirit Update

Hey there, readers! Today, we have an exciting update to share about the incredible work being done by Early Alert Canines, thanks to you and Share the Spirit. Let’s look closer at the impact these furry heroes are making and you and other donors who made it all possible.

Meet Your Four-Legged Heroes:

You may recall from their 2022 Share the Spirit story that Early Alert Canines trains and places assistance dogs to help people manage their diabetes. These specially trained dogs have the incredible ability to detect changes in blood sugar levels and alert their owners or caregivers, giving them the chance to take necessary actions to avoid dangerous complications. These dogs truly become loyal companions and guardians, providing peace of mind and improved quality of life to those living with diabetes.

Dallas and Krissy: A Life-Changing Partnership:

Dallas, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at a young age, faced the constant fear of life-threatening episodes of low blood sugar. However, everything changed when Dallas was paired with EAC Krissy. According to Megan, Dallas’s mom, Krissy has been a true blessing in their lives. She has become Dallas’s “diabuddy,” offering companionship and support in his highs and lows. Krissy not only alerts Megan to crucial treatment decisions but also provides the emotional reassurance that Dallas is never alone in his diabetes journey. Through Krissy’s presence, Dallas has found the living, breathing partner he had longed for. Megan is profoundly grateful to EAC for bringing this long-awaited blessing to their family.

Monique and Jolo: A Lifesaving Partnership:

Monique, living with type 1 diabetes, understands the constant challenges and the mental and physical toll it takes. Managing blood sugar levels can be exhausting and demanding. However, Monique found solace in the companionship of EAC Jolo, her Diabetic Alert Dog. These incredible dogs have an innate ability to identify blood glucose changes faster than most technology, helping prevent complications and ensuring timely medical attention. Monique shares a personal experience where Jolo’s constant concern alerted her to a serious complication known as Diabetic Keto Acidosis (DKA). Because of Jolo’s vigilance, Monique was able to address the issue promptly, resulting in a shorter hospital stay. She describes these Diabetic Alert Dogs as “true guardian angels.”

A Heartfelt Thank You and the Impact of the Share the Spirit Gifts:


Thanks to the generous support of donors through Share the Spirit, Early Alert Canines has been able to expand their reach and help even more individuals in need. The grant has enabled the organization to train and place more assistance dogs, matching them with individuals who will benefit greatly from their life-saving skills. We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the donors, supporters, and organizations like EAC who make these life-changing partnerships possible. Your contributions truly make a difference, transforming lives and allowing these individuals to face their obstacles with newfound strength and courage. Thank you – your support really has our tails wagging!!