No landlord would offer this veteran housing – Swords to Plowshares stepped in

(Photo: Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group)

Nine years ago, Luis Lujan was driving his two children home from daycare in Fullerton when all of a sudden, a pickup truck carrying watermelons pulled out right in front of him. Lujan’s 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee T-boned the other car at 45 mph.

“I slammed right sideways into him,” recalled Lujan, 50, a Navy veteran who lives in Fremont. “That threw me against the door jam and I hit my head.”

It was a moment that would forever alter his life. For two years, doctors repeatedly said he was fine. But Lujan kept going to the emergency room because of the pain from the crash. It wasn’t until he visited a veterans hospital in Palo Alto that an MRI revealed two ruptured discs and nerve impingement, injuries that stemmed from his time in the military in the early ’90s.

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