Submit this report by June 3, 2024 at noon.

The form should only take about 15 minutes to complete. Fund usage should match your original grant application request, so you do not need to provide extensive information.

This form is for 2023 grants distributed in March 2024. Please help Share the Spirit continue to be an effective partner by sharing fund use and impact with us. We do NOT expect or require long narratives - for most answers a few lines or a paragraph or two is all that is needed.

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Submit report here by June 3, 2024, by 12:00 NOON.

This form should take about 15 minutes and is simply to report on fund utilization. Fund use should match to your original grant application request and the rest of the form does not require extensive information - one or two paragraphs per question at most. Users are able to save work and return. However, we recommend saving copy of answers on own device and/or previewing form and then completing in one session in case of technical issues.
Note: Information provided here is not considered confidential.
For example: Forty $100 Target gift cards were purchased and distributed to 40 program participants at our April event. OR: Funding will provide 20 hours of camp counselor time in June 2024. (The use of funds listed here should match the use of funds proposed in the grant application.)
Please include some demographic info (children, gender, veterans, low income, etc) if you collect this information.
We understand this may be a challenge. Here are some examples: If funding helped run your program for a week and the program helped 50 people this week, enter 50. If funding will help 60 families with gift cards, estimate how many family members would be helped. If it helps keep a park open for a week, put approximate park visitors for the week. We are looking for a number of people/animals reached or impacted.
Please enter a number from 1 to 100000.
We don't need a lot of detail, but would like to see any data or information to share with our donors/funders about the impact of having organization featured in the East Bay Times publications. For example, if someone called your organization directly to make a gift, or 2 people signed up for your volunteer program after seeing the article, or board members are using the story when fundraising, a new client found your services, etc. (If your organization received funds only and was not featured this year, enter "NO STORY" for this question.)
Please share a paragraph or two about any results or participant updates program updates -particularly the persons/animals featured in your story - to illustrate how funds are making an impact or progress toward goal/wish. (One or two paragraphs)
Open for comments about the application process, stories, brief message for donors, request for follow up, etc., or anything not covered in previous questions. You can also contact us directly to discuss program. (OPTIONAL)

Attach photos or other related documents here - only if needed.

As needed for anything that did not fit in form. There is NO RECEIPT REQUIREMENT/PHOTOS OPTIONAL.
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