San Leandro agency offers lifeline for working mother

Laura Amezcua is a typical client of the Davis Street Family Resource Center: a single working mother who struggles to provide for her family in the face of the Bay Area’s exorbitant cost of living.

With no familial support, Amezcua, 36, relies on Davis Street for caring for her 3-, 5- and 9-year-old children.

“Davis Street is like my family,” Amezcua said through a Spanish interpreter during an interview at the agency’s Teagarden Street headquarters in San Leandro, where she and thousands of others receive food, clothing, medical and dental care, and other services, including emotional support.

“Any time I have needs, they help me,” Amezcua said, wiping tears from her eyes when speaking about how grateful she is to the longtime community nonprofit. “When I am sad, they help me, too.”

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