East Bay woman credits Legal Assistance for Seniors with restoring normalcy to her life

Photo: Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group

It was the most difficult and painful decision Diana Dominguez ever had to make.

But the 72-year-old widow knew she desperately needed help to restore her peace of mind and personal safety.

Her son, a drug user with untreated mental health issues who exhibited bizarre and sometimes threatening behavior while he lived with her, had made the situation untenable. She loved him but was frightened of him. She wanted him to get treatment, and to get out of her home.

But try as she could on her own, she was not able to get protection until she was told about Legal Assistance for Seniors (LAS). After some court hearings, both civil and criminal since her son was in jail for violating previous protective orders and for other crimes, she was granted a five-year civil elder abuse restraining order against him in June.

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