Plenty of holiday help for those in need, but you have to make this call now

Let’s pretend. I just lost my job, and the dominoes are starting to fall. My car has been repossessed. Health insurance? Gone in a blink. Not so my daughter’s chronic medical condition.

As you can imagine, I’m consumed by stress. And the silly thing is, with everything that’s going haywire in my life, my big concern is how to cobble together some semblance of a normal holiday season for my family.

OK, back to real life, where I am grateful to have my job, my health and my family. Not everybody is so fortunate. My hypothetical is someone else’s reality. What about them? Where do they turn?

A suggestion:

For almost half a century, the Walnut Creek-based Contra Costa Crisis Center has endeavored to improve the realities of people in urgent need — with crisis hotlines, grief counseling, homeless resources, health and dental care, tax assistance. That’s just skimming the surface of the Crisis Center’s reach. It’s staggering. The nonprofit can (and does) refer clients to an array of 1,600 services.

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